I Notice When you Love More

Time and time again, we hear the phrase “We need more love.” We do. It’s true. But the more I hear it and the more I engage with the world, the more I realize that that phrase is merely one of consumption. It implies that if we have more of it, things will be better. And while having more love will definitely improve the quality of your life, it won’t fix it. It occurred to me that what just might nurture some repair is if we as individuals or groups of people flipped that phrase and Loved More.

With that in mind, I began to look at the world a lot differently. I noticed the cashier in the store who smiled at everyone, regardless of whether or not they smiled back. I noticed the finance guy who was selling me my car get inspired by my Love More tattoos — he put everything down to tell me how he Loves More: he leaves early for work every day so that he doesn’t feel the stress and pressure, which prevents him from road rage. I notice when my son stops his adolescent antics to ask someone if they need help. I notice when those around me immerse themselves in grassroots work in order to help others. I notice when my friends bring meditation and mindfulness practice into prisons. I notice when my husband teaches teens how to fall back into their bodies through meditation. I notice you, as you love unconditionally.

I do so hope you will join me on this journey.




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