Valentine’s Day, VDay: A Day to LoveMore

LoveMoreAs we prepare to launch our Indiegogo campaign, and as we continue to photograph LoveMore folks for the book, I wanted to share one of our favorite organizations and one who will be a constant beneficiary of the LoveMore Movement: V-Day. Valentine’s day means far more to us than boxes of chocolates, red roses, teddy bears and candy hearts. It is a day to stand up and refuse to be docile while more than 1 billion women experience violence. It is a day to share your compassion with those consumed by oppression. It is a day to LoveMore.
May today be one full of kindness, generosity, and love, and my you tread the activist road with an open heart, firm back, and soft belly.  To quote my dear friend Jaxon, who is a LoveMore Ambassador, “Everyone comes with baggage. Let’s love enough to help each other unpack.”

Jaxon Kramer

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