The LoveMoreMovement is the brainchild of Sarit Z Rogers of Sarit Photography and her husband, Joseph Rogers.  They saw an opportunity to bring attention to and celebrate  those who are intent on doing the shadow work, who approach difficulties with love and who love with intent. It’s no small feat to reach toward suffering; It’s human nature to recoil. But so many are doing this work painstakingly and without question. The LoveMore Movement wants to celebrate these people and inspire others to do the same. The first part will be to create a book of photography with images of people who truly embody the LoveMoreMovement. They are already living their lives with their hearts on their sleeves!  Accompanying each photograph will be the answer to this question: “How do you love more?” Then Sarit will write about how her path crossed theirs and will include links to their causes, or ways in which to reach them.

The second piece will be to create a line of t-shirts and hoodies. 10% of the proceeds from each item sold will benefit others. It’s a nice way to get the word out on the grassroots level. Plus, we all like a nice t-shirt with a positive message!

The final piece of this project will be outreach. We want to bring LoveMore to YOU. We want to discover the paths of the unknown, unsung heroes because we known you are out there, working diligently to affect change. We want to inspire youth to get out of themselves and be of service. We want to to facilitate the transformational process of cracking your heart wide open. We don’t need more love; we need to Love More. This movement is about generosity and being of service.

If you are on social media, we encourage you to use the hashtag #LoveMore and #LoveMoreMovement on posts that embrace how you love with intent, love without bounds.

Contact us if you want to get involved or to be photographed by Sarit Photography.

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