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We are Over the Moon!

Starting the LoveMore Movement was an idea that has been fed by overwhelming support and encouragement from our community. PrintClearly, we struck a nerve, one that need to be held in compassion and light. This week, we finally leapt so LoveMore could soar on its own, taking flight and spreading its wings. When I talk about raising kids, I always say that we as parents need to foster, in our children, the development of roots and wings. We approached LoveMore in the same way.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the inimitable net of love and support from all of you. Our Facebook page is growing in leaps and bounds and that wouldn’t be happening without community. You can follow it here if you haven’t done so already. We are also on Twitter and Instagram and I encourage you to follow us there, join the movement and spread the word!

Use the hashtags #LoveMore and #LoveMoreMovement; we will see it, we will tweet you and repost you, so don’t be shy!!!

In the coming month, new stickers and our long-awaiting tee-shirts will drop! It’s all coming together! We are even in contact with a self-publishing house trying to sort out the book details!!!

Lots of love,


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Valentine’s Day, VDay: A Day to LoveMore

LoveMoreAs we prepare to launch our Indiegogo campaign, and as we continue to photograph LoveMore folks for the book, I wanted to share one of our favorite organizations and one who will be a constant beneficiary of the LoveMore Movement: V-Day. Valentine’s day means far more to us than boxes of chocolates, red roses, teddy bears and candy hearts. It is a day to stand up and refuse to be docile while more than 1 billion women experience violence. It is a day to share your compassion with those consumed by oppression. It is a day to LoveMore.
May today be one full of kindness, generosity, and love, and my you tread the activist road with an open heart, firm back, and soft belly.  To quote my dear friend Jaxon, who is a LoveMore Ambassador, “Everyone comes with baggage. Let’s love enough to help each other unpack.”

Jaxon Kramer

These Teen Superheroes Love More!

AngelHolidays can be so triggering for so many of us, and that alone provides inspiration to LoveMore. I came across this video today on Huffington Post and I can’t help but share it with you: Teens practicing “random acts of kindness” dressed up as superheroes sharing this: “When you see an opportunity to ‘do good,’ take it.” Yep, that’s #LoveMore.

Kyle Nutt and Zade Abdullah, thank you for being a wonderful example of what the Love More Movement is about.  You inspired us when you said, “We can all be superheroes; it’s time to use your powers.” We can’t agree more.

We can all #LoveMore. It doesn’t take a genius to be kind; it takes an open heart, a willingness to reach out, and a desire to help others.

**If you see something you think needs to be shared, contact us! We want to hear from you! 

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