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These Teen Superheroes Love More!

AngelHolidays can be so triggering for so many of us, and that alone provides inspiration to LoveMore. I came across this video today on Huffington Post and I can’t help but share it with you: Teens practicing “random acts of kindness” dressed up as superheroes sharing this: “When you see an opportunity to ‘do good,’ take it.” Yep, that’s #LoveMore.

Kyle Nutt and Zade Abdullah, thank you for being a wonderful example of what the Love More Movement is about.  You inspired us when you said, “We can all be superheroes; it’s time to use your powers.” We can’t agree more.

We can all #LoveMore. It doesn’t take a genius to be kind; it takes an open heart, a willingness to reach out, and a desire to help others.

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