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Inspired to Love More; Intent on Self-Care

Check out Reverend Danny Fisher, LoveMore Ambassador


“There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love.”

Father Gregory Boyle (Homeboy Industries)

So there was that day almost a year ago when I broadly proclaimed, “I’m starting a movement!” and then went on with my day. I was inspired. Suddenly and without pause. I felt like I could imbibe my photography with love and start noting my love in action in my social media accounts and in my day-to-day life. It was authentic for me. It wasn’t an attempt to change anyone or bring them into the fold (if there even was a fold to come into!). I honestly didn’t think people were going to actually help me start a movement. But you know what happened? People showed interest. Not just a little: A lot of interest. The support began to pour in. It wasn’t a trickle or a mist, it was a flipping downpour. I’m shocked and honored.

In the process of doing this work, I have photographed some incredible people who are doing incredible things to help others. I have completed a couple of yoga teacher trainings, both of which have been geared toward teaching trauma-informed yoga to suffering teens and adults. Through the processes of these teacher trainings, I had an opportunity to break my heart open even more. I poked at my own shadows, held them in my hands, showed them kindness, fury, love, frustration, love, and acceptance. I poked at my heart, the parts that were still hard and callused, and I gave them the space to soften. They did; some still are.

Being able to LoveMore isn’t just about AN act of kindness; it’s about endless acts of kindness over time. It’s not about having or not having tattoos on your hands, but about your actions you take to LoveMore (I won’t lie, the tattoos on my hands can certainly act as a very real reminder on bad days!). It’s not about doing things so you get something in return. It’s about selflessness, generosity, kindness, and something else you may not realize: self-care. Remember to take the time to be indulgent with yourself. Take long baths, hikes, allow yourself to heal from the work you are doing. Because here’s the deal, we can’t LoveMore if we abandon ourselves in the process. We may not need anything in return, but we need to come from a place of wholeness. It’s ok not to be ok. It’s ok to step back for a minute or two. We are still human, after all.

Thank you from the deepest core of my being for being a part of this movement. The LoveMore Movement is nothing without community, so thank you. All of you.

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I Notice When you Love More

Time and time again, we hear the phrase “We need more love.” We do. It’s true. But the more I hear it and the more I engage with the world, the more I realize that that phrase is merely one of consumption. It implies that if we have more of it, things will be better. And while having more love will definitely improve the quality of your life, it won’t fix it. It occurred to me that what just might nurture some repair is if we as individuals or groups of people flipped that phrase and Loved More.

With that in mind, I began to look at the world a lot differently. I noticed the cashier in the store who smiled at everyone, regardless of whether or not they smiled back. I noticed the finance guy who was selling me my car get inspired by my Love More tattoos — he put everything down to tell me how he Loves More: he leaves early for work every day so that he doesn’t feel the stress and pressure, which prevents him from road rage. I notice when my son stops his adolescent antics to ask someone if they need help. I notice when those around me immerse themselves in grassroots work in order to help others. I notice when my friends bring meditation and mindfulness practice into prisons. I notice when my husband teaches teens how to fall back into their bodies through meditation. I notice you, as you love unconditionally.

I do so hope you will join me on this journey.